Key to a Bankruptcy Case Going Smoothly by Dennis Babiniec

In my 30+ years as a bankruptcy lawyer in the denver area (northglenn & thornton) I have found that the key to a bankruptcy case going smoothly is having the the petition and schedules contain full and accurate information.  The Trustee appointed to the case is required by the Bankruptcy Code (Bankruptcy Reform Act) to determine that the petition and schedules are complete and accurate.  Even small oversights will cause the Trustee to require the attorney to amend the petition or schedules or if not, will file a motion to dismiss the case.  Also, inconsistencies of information in the schedules will also greatly increase the chances of an inquiry by the US Trustees Office.
My philosophy as a bankruptcy attorney is that the extra effort it takes to do the job right is worth it to make the case go smoother.  It also gives the client more value for the attorney services by avoiding the costs of doing amendments.  From my observations of court hearings in Denver, some attorneys are overlooking the details for the sake of quicker turn around and greater volume.  I believe clients count on their bankruptcy lawyer to look out for their best interests even if it means extra work for both the attorney and the client in order to get the best result.

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posted: September 25, 2012 - Dennis Babiniec - Bankruptcy Lawyer - Blog
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