Help To Overcome Biggest Obstacle to Bankruptcy Process by Dennis H. Babiniec

Many clients have commented to me that the biggest obstacle to the bankruptcy process for them was completing the initial information bankruptcy questionnaire and getting their information together.  I offer an optional service to assist the client in completing the bankruptcy information questionnaire and the approach that I use may be helpful to people trying to complete this paperwork.

The first thing I recommend is to gather copies of all the documents requested in the checklist attached to the package of bankruptcy forms.  By gathering all of the documents first (i.e. paystubs, tax returns, copies of bills, etc.), you will have this information available when you are completing the bankruptcy questionnaire and you do not have to stop and look for documents each time there is a question that requires you to look up data or information.  This simple approach helps make it more likely that the client will be able to complete the bankruptcy questionaire in one sitting.  It is much more efficient to be able to complete the bankruptcy forms in one sitting than to do a peice-meal approach in multiple sessions.  Once the bankruptcy questionnaire is completed and turned in, the burden is off the client and I can take it from there.

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