Eight Year Anniversary of Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act by Dennis H. Babiniec

October 17, 2013 will be the eight year anniversary of the effective date of the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act that brought many changes to the bankruptcy laws. One of those changes was extending the date that a person would be eligible for a Chapter 7 discharge of debt to eight years from the filing of a previous bankruptcy case granting a discharge of debt.  

What that means is that people have to wait at least eight years from the filing of a previous bankruptcy case before they can file a Chapter 7 case to discharge their debts that are legally dischargeable.

There is a shorter rule regarding Chapter 13 cases.  A person is eligible for a Chapter 13 case to discharge debts if it has been more than 4 years from a prior Chapter 7 case or more than two years from a prior Chapter 13 case.

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